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Rebel Wilson for the GLAMOUR Awards 2013 [x]

so nice to see a fat woman portrayed as a sex icon


Can’t stop putting this contact on stupid things

Anonymous said: Contact paper anon again. I'm not australian but we definitely have kmarts in the US. thank u friend for your discovery

i hope american kmarts have this beautiful paper. your eyes will hurt every time you open a drawer

before and after coffee

yeah, come on home 

this is my jam


this is your periodic reminder that old-timey medicines did not fuck around



"Game of Thrones"

with makeup and without

So basically they are all just really gorgeous all the frickin time


I can’t help but feel like a punk rock cutie.

never leave the eye cocoon

those eye scarves went from $10 to $5 and now to $2 and i just want to buy like 20 of them and make a cocoon out of them

Having a body pillow isn’t weird if I don’t have an anime character on it

today i bought a body pillow and some eye pattern scarves and sewed a pillow case out of them for the body pillow